When: 03/31/2021


Number of Pax: 5

Pax Names: Birdhole, El Capitan, Peach, Smudge,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Bird Hole

The BackBlast:

After a slew of Chicagoans peppered with folks from paxes in NC, Pennsylvania and Missouri, it was just us local boys today. Our new region name is now cemented: The Burg! Smudge is working his God-given skills to set us up in Slack, FB, Instagram, The Burg regional website, logo and other much high tech magic. He asked for and received some help from the pax. Great leadership Smudge and good teamwork fellas!

COP: Started with SSH, waiting on Smudge as he navigated extra cones set up for the St. Pete Grand Prix. Then short mosey for Imperial Walkers, Abe Vigodas, Parker Peters and a bit of planking.

THE THANG: Mosey down the great escape we call The Pier, stopping for a few dips then heading towards the end with some NUR (backwards RUN in case your brain’s slow today) and carioca.

4 Corners: At an open and mostly rectangle shaped space near then end, we gathered in middle for called exercise in what I call 4 Corners. Run to one of the rectangle corners, do assigned work and return to middle and then rotate to next corner. We did two rounds: 1st was deep squats, star jacks, Bobby Hurleys and one more that I already forgot (hey man…it’s early then and YHC is a massive night person).

The Burg Hop: Splitting the four corners bit, a nearby 2 foot wall allowed some real fun and an exercise never done before. From standing, put hands on wall and bring both feet up on wall (like a ski jump except adding height). 40 reps (20 each leg). Then 10 step ups each leg followed by 14 more (7 a side) more of these sideways wall jumps. These wall jumps were both loved and hated; they were harder than expected. It was proposed we call these The Burg Hop.

4 Corners, Part Deux: We returned to 4 corners for merkin-a-rama: regular, stagger right, stagger left and derkins.

Mosey back towards beginning, breaking up the run at intervals:

1) Stopping for Peoples Chair adding Muhammad Ali’s then toe/knee/chest/shoulder touches.

2) Inverse Big Boy sit ups on St. Pete Hill (feet heading up the incline; nicely more difficult).

3) 3/4ths of Mary with each pax calling out an Marycise (Sorry Peach; ran out of time for your call so take a rain check): Dolly with scissors; inverse pelvic thrust planks, and protractor.

4) During mosey, added a bit of arm movement with a moving Phelps Medley: stroke the butterfly, back, breast, then freestyle as called by YHC.

Mosey home with AYG last 50 yards.

COT: Count-a-rama and Name-a-rama. Announcements: Smudge detailed some of the social media and other items detailed we will do to set up our region. We expect God to deliver big numbers!

Smudge offered clown car to 4th anniversary of F3 Suncoast Saturday. El Capitan will hang back due to need for bit of extra social distancing before long travels back to his blessed Honduras for 45 days; he will cover the Saturday AO in case someone downrange shows up. We have had many on spring breaks so thanks El Cap for hosting if any show up.

Prayers for Yukiko, my 90 year old mother in-law whom is not doing well. In and out of hospital with many health challenges. Prayers for El Cap’s journey to be productive yet virus free.

As always, a blessing to sweat with fine young men (yes…I am typically the War Daddy).

YHC/Bird Hole




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