When: 11/17/2021


Number of Pax: 5

Pax Names: Birdhole, El Capitan, Peach, Smudge,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Bird Hole

The BackBlast:

A very nice degrees in the gloom and then a glorious sunrise at the end of the workout. We do sweat in a fabulous paradise.

Still, we are not without our imperfections. When YHC said to get on your 6, one pax disclaimed “but it’s wet”. Well we certainly didn’t want to make us all uncomfortable. So what did we do instead? We rolled in the cool wet turf many many times. Welcome to F3. Memories of being at AG, Gammucci and many other grand mothership (Selwyn Elementary, AG Middle and MyersPark HS) workouts when the Q would first put us in some Mary position to the the cold wet out of the way. The first to do it to me?….Dredd of course.

Speaking of “stealing,” it is one of the basic tenets making F3 sing. Might be better said as copying, borrowing, replicating, and such. No compensation given or needed. We all have such unique offerings and bright ideas in this world, and we do have a very sharing culture in F3 to let anybody use anything in a 1st, 2nd, 3rd F or leadership seen elsewhere. Another of the many ways we give back!

In this case, I had the pleasure of positing last week at Racecoast (Daytona), 11 pax included 2 FNG’s brought by a DR from Atlanta, a DR from Tallahassee and YHC as a DR from St. Pete. Tinker Bell was the Q and I “stole” several of his really good exercises last Saturday. BTW – posting in Racecoast is a blast and a major blessing for me since the founder/nantan is both an F3 brother and my real brother (McDreamy).

COP: SSH, Imperial Walkers, plank with shoulder taps, Parker Peters and Abe Vigodas.


  • THE TRIDENT–  We started at the pizza pavilion with a stolen exercise I called The Trident (don’t think Tinker Bell had a name). Do one irkin, one derkin and one dip (the tri part) and then run 25 yards away and back (the “dent” part so to speak). Then rinse and repeat two each of the tri’s, then 3 up to 9 reps for us.
  • LCRC’s-  A Racecoast special, it’s a LBC but a  count: one LBC to the left, then center then right. We did 10 and I added variation to RCLC’s, CLRC’s (Smudge says he uses this to clean his bathroom), and CRLC’s. 10 each.
  • HOLY ROLLERS-  Headed a few yards to the WET turf grass at the kiddie play place. On our backs to roll (like a fire roll) to do a merkin and roll back for a WWII sit up. After a few I I called out 3 reps of the 2 exercises, then one of 5 and one of 10. Tinker Bell called these Fox Holes,  but hope he’s OK I renamed for our experience.
  • MOM-lite: Hit the fake turf for Heels To Heaven (in honor of UNC 94-College of Charleston 83 win last night; my elder son’s alma mater), Box Cutters, Freddy Mercs, and Rosa-Dollys. I may or may not  have invented the latter, but a 6 move count with a Rosalita then a Dolly and repeat (feet never hit ground). OK to steal this if it’s new too you.
  • FILLER: We had 3 minutes left for pain: On the mosey back, stopped for a few pole squats and pole irkins and then AYG to the end.

COT: Namearama, Countarama, Announcements and Prayers. Announcements included a reminder of Give2Give, Wild Pax weekend (December 3-4) for Suncoast, and a HC to support a fellow pax who has way too much on his plate due to unforeseen loss of a family member. He’s OOT for two weeks being the rock of his family but desperately needed help for a project on the home front in his absence. 5 pax have stepped up (including YHC)…Viva Burg Pax!. Prayers for that man of course as well as Smudge’s mom and a struggling marriage. Take out by YHC and El Cap.

As always…a blessing to lead great men in paradise!

Bird Hole out.

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