When: 02/14/2022


Number of Pax: 5

Pax Names: Birdhole, Grand Canyon, Mud Pie,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Bird Hole

The BackBlast:

OK.OK. We are not Omaha or Montana or Maine. We are Florida. And that means at 48 degrees we are in a bad place. One where fartsacking becomes an excusable reality. But happy to report that 5 took the DRP and braved the very cold asphalt (for bear crawls and such) for our first ever Valentine’s pain. Love was in the air and warmed us for sure.

First let me also mention and praise our newest pax Lady Slippers. He was named in Knoxville but moved to the beaches here less than a year ago. Get this….he comes to the AO on a OneWheel! If you are not a millennial, Google it. His journey in about 5 miles each way and just add the wind chill to his “enjoyment”. He said he would come to The Pier AO on it or his bike. Yes…he has a fine car but the Pier is 10 miles each way. That’s strong new brutha Lady Slippers!

For today, our theme of course was love. Some might think that word is not to very manly. Yet, a real man knows it’s full of great power and the glue that keeps life together. Never hide it men!

And BTW, YHC headed to Exicon to help fill out these love-based acronyms. The many were new to pax, as they were to YHC.


HEART – Our heart very much helps define us as who we uniquely are It makes you get out of bed at 4:00 AM (Grand Canyon wins the early bird alarm) when the covers are calling. It makes us work harder at a workout because we know it carves body, but also helps define our character. The choice of a DRP, to ward off the Jester, and to be a better man in our respective communities is a matter off heart.

H – Heartbreak Ridge (Indian Run with hands raised and last in line pax does 2 laps and then one half to the front; reference Profile from movie of same name)

E – 20 Elwoods. High knees with arm swings. Takes about 10 Elwoods to get coordination. A new one for pax

A – 20 Abe Vigodas

R Р40 Rocky Balboas;  added bonus with 20 jump ups on curb

T – Three Amigos. New one for pax; air chair but lean on each others backs until one fails. Added toe/knee/shoulder/head touches for fun


CUPID – The hunter for matchmaking. Just like us using deciding to EH friends and strangers.

C – 20 Captain Americas. WWII sit ups adding 4 American Hammers at each “up”

U – Up Downs. High knees until Q says “hit it” then to ground for burp-esque move and back up again. About 25 UD’s were experienced. YHC added a few merkins…just because. New one for pax.

P – 20 Prayer squats. Loved Lady Slippers raising and fully outstretching his arms on upswing of squat. N/K/A the Prayer and Praise Squat!

I – Inchworm. About 15 yards on very cold asphalt. YHC had the only gloves. Winter type today but mostly were fingerless sailing gloves for most workouts. Seems like I’m the only wearer of hand condoms in the Burg, but it is a rather common site in NC and other parts of the nation.

D – 14 Diamond merkins

LOVE – Makes the world and F3 go round. It’s the core motivation for pax to EH to live out such awesomeness such as Shield Lock, Whetstone, protect others from the Jester, get engaged in 2nd F and 3rd F actions and other such powerful F3 “more-than-a-workout” experiences.

Mosey about 75 yards to n nearby parking lot for LOVE:

L – 25 yards of Lopsided Bear Crawl (also known as Uneven Bear Crawl, but I needed an “L”. New one for pax.

O – 20 Apollo Ohnos with added jump after each set of leg swings.

V – Vacuum Cleaners: Wheelbarrow peppered with bear crawls

E – Walk Like An Egyptian: Lunge walk in Indian Run formation with back pax doing 4 laps around the lunging Egyptians. New one for pax.

Mosey back near beginning for:

  • 5 Tony Hawk Burpees (burpee with 360). New one for pax.
  • 10 Travolta Merkins
  • 72 seconds of Mary: On 6, spell out the first name of the love of your life and then the last name.

Short mosey home.

COT: Countarama, Namearama, Announcements and Prayers:. Check our Burg Slack for recent YHC posts on DRP and our vocal lesson assignments this month (HIM, Sadclown Syndrome, Whetstone, Shield Lock, Jester and Concentrica – Use Q Source and FTL for answers to what it is, what does it mean to you and what does it mean for a man that’s never been to F3). Train has already done HIM and Mudd Pier up Wednesday for Sadclown Syndrome). Burg family event for M’s and 2.0’s at the beach on March 5. Prayers for the Betty’s, Slipper’s uncle and praise for Grand Canyon’s daughter on a great new step in her faith journey.

Blessed to be able to love on these guys in the F3 special way.

Bird Hole

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