When: 09/25/2020


Number of Pax: 4

Pax Names: Birdhole, El Capitan, Smudge,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Bird Hole

The BackBlast:

Another glorious sunrise over Tampa Bay and DTSP! We were graced by Whiskers, a visitor from F3 Louisville in town for a little business and R&R. Glad you were able to share the magnificence of sunrise and 85% humidity with us Whiskers!

COP: I always like to take new or visiting pax to start on Hookers Pier. It is a narrow concrete fishing pier sticking about 30 yards in the bay, so we are surrounded by water and great atmosphere during warm-ups: SSH, Imperial Walkers, Windmills, Running With Scissors m (Whiskers got a kick out of this one), plank, merkins and mountain climbers.

Mosey across beach to wall for a few dips.

Then we headed to The Tropics with an exercise invented by YHC: Heartbreak Ridge (yes… the Clint Eastwood movie). Pax starts Indian Run then last pax runs two circles around the slow moseying fellas, and then next man does the same.

Went to interior of Tropics for a LBC’s and WWII sit-ups. Introduced 3 new exercises to Whiskers: The Penguin, The Penguin Plus (legs raised) and the WMD merkins. I am sure he will borrow these for Louisville.

Headed to central grass area for the Tampa Triangle. Essentially a Jacobs Ladder with 3 stations instead of 2. Start at 1 Carolina Drydock, run to next triangle point for 7 squats and run to last point for 11 WWII sit-ups. Repeato with 2, 7 and 10 then 3, 7 and 9 and so forth until last is 11 Drydocks and 1 sit-up.

Small mosey for mandatory Florida water break then back too beach seawall for 20 dips and then either 20 step ups (10 each leg) or 10 jump ups. Slid over to the concrete ramp for a few Bobby Hurleys.

Backwards run heading towards shovel flag but not before a stop for a bear crawl and short Mary: Heels To Heaven, Dolly, Dying Cockroach and Freddie Mercs.

COT: Namearama and Countarama. No major announcements other than we will have a one-off weekday workout on 10/7 at foot of new St. Pete Pier to accommodate a pax coming in from Charlotte area. All are welcome! Whiskers volunteered for the take out and prayed very well to finish strong.

DTSP has had a very special c0ffeteria the last two weeks. El Capitan has been bringing fresh Honduran coffee for us. He was a missionary in Honduras for 14 years and still pursues mission work, is starting a bible study and is a certified handyman (call him!). The coffee is especially grown in Honduras with a mission to support orphaned, abandoned and abused children in Honduras. It’s an excellent brew! to get you some.

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