When: 09/12/2020


Number of Pax: 25

Pax Names: Canceled, Charmin, Dirt Dart, Flash, Iceman, Lancelot, Ozzy, Peach Fuzz, Sticks, Trunk,

Number of FNGS: 1

FNG Names: Hawkeye

QIC: Dirt Dart & Canceled

The BackBlast:

25 HIMs (including 11 shorties) showed up to celebrate one year of getting after it in Clearwater. Starting from Downtown Clearwater (our normal Thursday AO) we took on the big bridge and run all the way out to Clearwater Beach Pier 60 – the inspiration for our logo.

Dirt Dart led cadence on the 6 mile run, keeping the boys in line and in high spirits. Special Guest, F3 Suncoast Nan’tan Lancelot, sprinted back and forth recording the event for posterity. We picked up the six and kept the pax rolling. All 25 completed the challenging run that included a 10 story incline over Clearwater Memorial Causeway as our own little Heartbreak Hill just before the finish.

Dirt Dart, Canceled, Peach Fuzz, Ozzy, Malibu, Trunk, Caddyshack, Shank, Flash, Crayon, Ragin Cajun, Lancelot, Charmin, Seeker, Spidey, Air Ball, Swagga, Crafty, Ninja Duck, Sticks, Twig, The Rock, Pepperoni, and Iceman welcomed Triple Respect FNG Hawkeye.

Prayers for Casey’s recovery and the Fort’s Cash.

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